EASE Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Horses

EASE Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Horses
EASE Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Horses

EASE Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Horses

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Hemp Dog Health’s EASE for Horses is an organic, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. It's formulated for horses with allergies, arthritis, aches, pains, inflammation, laminitis, lameness, and other debilitating conditions that negatively impact your horses quality of life. A single dropper of EASE provides the average effective dose for suffering from chronic conditions.




Hemp Seed Oil



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Product Size / Servings: 

  • Each 4 oz bottle contains approximately 120 servings


  1. Shake the bottle before each use.
  2. Apply the oil directly to the gums, or as close as possible.
  3. Wipe the dropper clean after use to prevent contamination.
  4. Store in a cool, dark place.


Split the total daily dose into 2-3 smaller doses to maintain consistent blood concentration levels.

According to preliminary research, blood concentration after oral administration typically reaches peak levels after 2 hours and is mostly eliminated within 6-8 hours.

HINT: Keep A Daily Journal

Log each dose and track your animal’s response. Adjust accordingly. Be flexible with the dose until you find the right amount for your pet’s specific needs. If you’re worried about giving too much, rest assured; Research shows that hemp is extremely safe for your animal, even at incredibly high doses.

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