Bacopa Plus Drops

Bacopa Plus Drops
Bacopa Plus Drops

Bacopa Plus Drops

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Ayush™ Bacopa Plus Drops provide a fast boost to cognitive performance and stamina. With a combination of Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Gingko, and Convolvulus, these drops support a calm focus and promote mental alacrity without the jitters of caffeine.


Serving Size One Full Dropper (approx .075 ml) 

Servings per container: 80


Proprietary Extract Blend 100 mg: Ashwagandha root, Bacopa whole plant, Ginkgo leaf, Gotu Kola whole plant, Shankhpushpi aerial parts.

Other Ingredients: Glycerin, Water and lemon flavors from a natural source. Free from milk, soy, egg and wheat.

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