"I'm on an everlasting mission to help pet owners find natural, high-quality products for their pets"

Angela Ardolino

Our Mission

Is to empower pet owners (like you) to stand up for your pets and say NO to toxic foods and medications ... because you can ... and because you have a choice. Your Natural Dog is a community of holistic and integrative vets and experts who do the research, generously share their knowledge and experience, and best of all, share the most NATURAL and QUALITY brands on the market today.

Our Vision

Is to live in a world with happy, healthy dogs, on a happy, healthy planet. This is why we created a trusted place to get truly, natural products that will not only help your dog feel better, but won't hurt the earth! We promise to select only quality brands that say NO to synthetic, toxic and harmful ingredients, so your dog, and all dogs can have a happy, healthy future.

Our Values

At Your Natural Dog we believe wellness is the foundation of happiness. It’s important to us that we carry only the best natural pet products that support the health of your pet, as well as the health of our planet.

We use our combined decades of experience on rescue farms, in veterinary offices, boarding and grooming salons, and even at home as pet parents, to curate our collections of holistic remedies and natural pet products.

We’re proud to offer natural pet products we believe in, from companies we can stand behind.

Angie's Journey

Outside with her animals was always her happy place, and to see Angela on her rescue farm today, surrounded by animals, is to truly see her in her element. Angela is the mother to Odie (14-year-old mini-schnauzer), Nina (10-year-old Doberman), Jolene (9-year-old mutt), Maza (9-year-old mutt), and Rhemi (10-year-old poodle). The farm is also home to 23 ducks, 19 chickens, 9 geese, 2 pigs, 1 bunny and a one-legged pigeon named Brenda, as well as 4-10 more dogs being boarded or fostered at any time. Looking at this furry and feathered, joyful family, you would never suspect that Angela and her pets were once full of aches, pains and anxiety. In 2013, Angela was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and knew that she needed to find alternatives to the toxic medications being offered to her. She turned to holistic solutions, like medical cannabis to treat her arthritis. This sparked something in her, and Angela realized if she didn’t want to use harmful medications on herself, she couldn’t use these medications for her pets either. So she began her mission to educate herself and others on natural, holistic tools and medicine for pets. By 2016, she was one of the first graduates of the Medical Cannabis program at University of Vermont. Now, Angela routinely travels the U.S. to speak at national pet events, including the Raw and Natural Dog Summit, The United States Cannabis Conference, the Pets + Summit, and Pet Connections. Using her expertise on both cannabis and pet care, Angela is dedicated to educating as many people as possible about the benefits of holistic pet care. When Angela is not educating the public, you’ll find her at Fire Flake Farm. Fire Flake Farm is where Angela finds her inspiration, and it shows in everything she does. That’s why she created Your Natural Dog, to help pets live their best lives, naturally.

Dr. Sarah Urban

Sarah Urban DVM is a 2012 graduate from Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine. She is a certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP), certified in Mixed Animal Acupuncture (CVA) from the Chi Institute, and dually certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (cVSMT) aka chiropractic from the Healing Oasis and Health Pioneers programs. She is currently working on a master’s program in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine from the Chi Institute. She also has attended animal postural rehabilitation classes which combine movement, dentistry, farrier work, and chiropractic. She is a member of the College of Animal Chiropractors, Inc. (CoAC). Her special interests include canine and equine sports medicine, nutrition, applied kinesiology, and integrative cancer therapies. Dr. Urban wants all clients to feel enabled and empowered in their decisions that they make for their animal companions. Dr. Urban’s business Enabled Integrative Veterinary Services is an integrative mobile veterinary practice that brings services right to your doorstep. She is currently seeing new patients in York, Adams, Berks, Lancaster, and other surrounding counties. Dr. Urban resides in Gettysburg, Pa with her Coconut Retriever Lassie, her Border Collie Rex and her Quarter Horse Mare Indy