Natural Dog Hot Spot Treatment

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    Hot Spots are one of the most common skin issues affecting dogs, and they can be frustrating for both pets and pet parents. Hot Spots, also known as acute moist dermatitis, are small areas of painful skin inflammation, and bacterial infection, which can be caused by environment, allergies, diet or other factors. Dogs of course want to bite and scratch at these irritating spots, causing the hot spots to spread and worsen.Ā 

    Although the best protection is prevention, there are natural remedies for hot spots on dogs. We've curated our collection of topical natural dog hot spot treatments and tools for protecting your pet's skin from inflammation and hot spots.Ā 

    4 products
    SOOTHE Full Spectrum Hemp Salve for Dogs - 2 oz.
    Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol - Mist Spray
    Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol - Dropper
    Hot Spot Relief Wipes - Tea Tree & Aloe Vera