Natural Allergy & Itch Relief for Dogs

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    Allergies are one of the top reasons for vet visits every year, as most pet parents know. Allergy symptoms can be a pain for us and our pets, as they itch and scratch, bite and lick their paws. One thing is at the root of most allergy problems, and that's inflammation. Inflammation, and other allergy symptoms, can be caused by a variety of factors, though the most common cause of allergy symptoms is diet.

    Luckily there are plenty of holistic options for managing inflammation and allergy symptoms for natural dog allergy relief. Here are our recommendations for the best natural dog foods, supplements, topicals and products for natural allergy relief for dogs and pets.

    9 products
    EASE Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dogs
    SOOTHE Full Spectrum Hemp Salve for Dogs - 2 oz.
    Otaxium Ear Drops
    5 Defenders Organic Mushrooms
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    HypoAllergenic Shampoo Bar for Sensitive Dogs & Cats
    Gentle Shampoo Bar for Itchy Dogs & Cats
    Medicated Shampoo Bar for Itchy Dogs
    Natural Ear Cleaner