Dry Skin on Dogs

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    If your dog is constantly scratching, licking or biting their skin, this can be an indication of dry, inflamed skin. There can be many causes, including allergies, diet, fleas, mites, or other parasites, environmental factors, or even the cleaning products you're using on them or in your home. 

    We've curated a collection of natural solutions to support your dog's dry skin, including topical salves, essential oils, and natural dog skin care products.  

    13 products
    SOOTHE Full Spectrum Hemp Salve for Dogs - 2 oz.
    Ultra-Mild Puppy Wipes (Wild Cherry)
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    Tushy Wipes - Rosemary & Chamomile
    Anti-Aging Skin Support with Brahmi Oil
    Neem Oil Skin Support
    Neem Ear + Skin Topical Drops
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    Shed Control Shampoo
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    Shed Control Conditioner
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    Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo - Fragrance Free
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    Empower K9 - Organic Hemp Seed Oil
    Coconut Oil
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    Turkey Base Mix - Allergy Recipe
    Hot Spot Relief Wipes - Tea Tree & Aloe Vera