Mushrooms For Dogs: Why We're Switching

by Steph Van Noort


Here at Your Natural Dog, we recognize the potential health benefits of medicinal mushrooms for dogs. Unfortunately, as a natural pet store, we’ve seen the significant challenges that come with reliably sourcing quality mushrooms for dogs from China and other overseas sources.

Additionally, most commercially-available medicinal mushrooms for pets come in the form of mushroom extract powders from China or single-extract tinctures, some of which are packaged with ingredients that might not be safe for pets. 

Mushroom extract tinctures are better preserved in organic glycerin, as opposed to extract powders which start to oxidize the moment the package is opened. This means that when sourcing mushrooms for dogs, mushroom extracts are more likely to last longer. Additionally, mushroom extract tinctures for dogs are typically more bioavailable than powdered versions, since they can be absorbed into the bloodstream upon consumption, rather than having to undergo the digestive process.

We here at YND feel that pet parents deserve to be offered mushroom tinctures for dogs that contain a combination of the most beneficial mushrooms and complementary adaptogens. Mushrooms for dogs that can help with common but severe pet ailments like cancer, autoimmune disease, IVDD, CCD, respiratory issues, cardiovascular issues, kidney and liver support, and immune support. 

This desire prompted an exhaustive search for the best mushrooms for dogs, we looked for sustainable sources of the most therapeutic mushrooms grown, wild-harvested, extracted and packaged in the United States.

YND also recognizes that mushrooms are bio-accumulators (they absorb toxins from polluted air and environment), so we searched for mushrooms grown in their natural habitat, in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. It is important to us that we source our mushrooms for dogs from an area that is least likely to be impacted by environmental toxins which might be absorbed by the mushrooms.

YND founder Angela Ardolino has helped animals with mushrooms and other adaptogens for the past two years, and realized that multiple species of mushrooms are better than any one on its own. By combining different types of mushrooms for our pets, we can harness the unique therapeutic properties each has to offer, while benefiting from the synergistic relationship between different species of mushrooms and other adaptogens.

We understand that choosing and buying the right mushrooms for dogs can be confusing, and expensive. So to help, we’ve chosen mushroom tinctures for dogs that make it easy to help with your furry friend’s health concerns!

Mycodog is a sustainable line of mushroom tinctures for dogs. In collaboration with myco-alchemist Jason Scott, Angela created three mushroom tinctures for dogs, all triple-extracted from the fruiting bodies of fungi cultivated and wild-harvested in North America. Angela created Vitality for her doberman Nina who has been battling osteosarcoma for two years, Clarity was created after losing her 16 year old dog, Daisy, to CCD (Canine Cognitive Disorder), and Breathe was designed for her senior dog Odie, who needs extra cardiovascular and respiratory support.

To learn more about Nina’s incredible healing journey, and how Angela kept her Doberman’s osteosarcoma from spreading with cannabis, mushrooms and diet, check out the original post on Nina’s osteosarcoma diagnosis, her one year update, and her most recent update in May 2022.