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Finding quality products for your dog is hard! That's why we work with top vets & experts who help evaluate and hand-pick every natural product before they hit our shelves!

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At Your Natural Dog, we do your homework for you!

We research and source all-natural, quality pet products, so you don't have to. And the best part is, there are plenty of options that have ingredients known to help pets with a wide variety of health conditions.

When you’re ready to shop, you can search for products by your pet’s ailment. Just navigate to the menu at the top of the page, click ‘Health Conditions’, and a drop down menu of pet ailments will appear. You can also search within the ‘Products’ menu, where you can find helpful categories, such as “Flea and Tick”, “Treats”, or “Ear Care”. 

Pet parents can also visit our blog page or listen to our podcast, to learn more about common health conditions, and how to help your pet.

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All of our natural products are personally sourced and approved by a team of holistic pet health experts, including integrative veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Urban, and medical cannabis expert, Angela Ardolino, along with input from many leading holistic veterinarians.

Our team uses their combined decades of experience on rescue farms, in veterinary offices, boarding and grooming salons, and even at home as pet parents, to curate our collections of holistic remedies and natural pet products.

We look for natural pet products with sustainable and ethical sourcing of all natural ingredients, without toxic chemical additives, pesticides, from companies with responsible practices, who care about your pet’s health. 

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